Nazem Kadri caps eventful Stanley Cup run with message to critics: 'You can kiss my a––'

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As the saying goes: Keep your words soft and sweet, in case you have to eat them later.

Nazem Kadri capped off an eventful playoff run on Sunday night by getting to hoist the Stanley Cup, as the Avalanche downed the two-time defending-champion Lightning 2-1 in Game 6.

If the headline is the Avalanche winning, then Kadri has been an appropriate sidebar throughout these playoffs. Some have pegged the rough-and-tumble center as a "liability" — words that apparently made it across his eardrums.

Kadri took some time to address his supporters and his haters following the win: 

"I've had supporters in my corner, Day 1, never wavered," Kadri said. "And for everyone that thought I was a liability in the playoffs, you can kiss my ass."

A quick recap of Kadri's eventful playoff run:

— He inadvertently wipes out Blues goalie Jordan Binnington during the Western Conference semifinal.

— Binnington, in turn, throws a water bottle at him during a post-game interview.

— Following the Binnington injury, Kadri says he receives death threats and hate speech

— In the following game, Kadri gets his revenge, scoring a hat trick vs. St. Louis in the victory.

Injures his hand in the Western Conference finals vs. Edmonton and has to undergo surgery. It's said he's going to miss the rest of the playoffs.

— Kadri returns in the Stanley Cup final vs. Tampa Bay, scores overtime game-winner in Game 4.

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Kadri had the opportunity to celebrate with his father and hoist the Cup. He who laughs last, and all.

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